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Ancowitz Law assures whistleblowers get what they rightly deserve in the fight against false claims, with 40 years of experience promoting justice and fairness.
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The False Claims Act incentivizes doing good

  • What's the False Claims Act?
    A powerful tool against government fraud, it helps recover billions in stolen taxpayer funds annually. It applies to all government programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, defense, and procurement. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln signed the False Claims Act to combat fraud by military suppliers who were selling sick horses and substituting sawdust as gunpowder. Today, the False Claims Act is utilized against various fraud, including medical overbilling, off-label marketing, and illegal kickbacks.
  • What do whistleblowers gain from reporting fraud?
    Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers who report fraudulent Medicare/Medicaid billing practices help the federal government recover billions of dollars. In 2022, over $5 billion were recovered, with whistleblowers receiving 15%-25% as reward.
  • What does it cost to report fraud?
    You don't have to pay anything upfront. We only get paid if the case successfully recovers funds. We are committed to partnering with you in the fight against wrongdoing, and we only get paid when you do.
  • Who can be a whistleblower?
    Whistleblowers can be anyone - employees, former employees, contractors, or individuals with privileged information about fraudulent activities.
  • Can whistleblowers remain anonymous?
    In some cases, whistleblowers may remain anonymous during the initial reporting process, but their identities might be disclosed during legal proceedings.

How does it work?



If you may be aware of fraud against Medicare/Medicaid,
share your story with us over a complimentary consultation call.


Funds returned to

In successful cases, the
government recovers the
funds lost, as well as penalties,
from the wrongdoing party.



If fraud was committed, we will file the case, combining our expertise in medical billing and whistleblower law.


Whistleblower rewarded

The whistleblower receives
between 15-25% of any funds
recovered, as a reward for their
bravery and upstanding
citizenship. Whistleblowers are also protected against retaliation.



The federal government decides whether or not to investigate the case, together with us.
Everything remains confidential
during the investigation.

Why Ancowitz Law?

Compassionate, confidential, collaborative work

Richard B. Ancowitz is a renowned advocate for the underdog in false claims and employment discrimination cases. He is one of the drafters of the NY State False Claims Law and has advocated on behalf of whistleblowers across the country. Offering compassionate, expert, one-on-one counsel, he and his team ensure clients are heard, protected, and rightfully rewarded. 

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